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Who am I? 

Daughter. Sister. Cousin. Godmother. Friend. Lover. Player. Partner in Crime. Co-worker. Master. Leader. Dreamer. Wine lover. Gummy bears addict. Drizzle, but sometimes a hurricane. Rain with rainbows. Bad ass unicorn. But above all of those – Human Being. And trying to be a good one. 💚

Why #Pinontheskin? 

Learning my life lessons around the world and meeting people made me understand that every travel is not just another pin on the map, it becomes a life memory, which touches your soul, behavior, mind, ideas and goes under your skin, turning you into the person who you are today. Like a pin on the skin.

What is #Pinontheskin? 

#Pinontheskin first of all is a travel diary. For me, when I miss people around the world. For them, to be reminder how wonderful they are. For you, to get you pack your bags or just call to someone you have missed! If it brings a smile on your face during the cloudy day – it serves the purpose.

Oh, and my name is Ugne, which directly translated to English means fire, so I hope you see some light here too. 🔥

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