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This part is the hardest one to put into words. I am sure I will rewrite it for at least one hundred times more, but here it comes… 💚

#PinOnTheSkin ambassadors joined the movement to show the world, that life is better, when shared. In a lot of different ways, but mostly – by creating memories together. I personally know every single one of them. I have met them in different stages of my life and, obviously, in different places of the world. And you know what… I can only wish you have a chance to get to know them too! So if you cross by the place they are located – drop them a message and you will be surprised.


Stockholm, Sweden

Knocking on the doors of the stranger, going through 'let's never go to sleep' marathon, filling your 'I have never ever' list, collecting sunsets, laughing your soul out, getting lost in a moment, celerating love - just a small part of life affairs you can get into, while getting to know this wonderfull human being. Laura is my partner in crime and she never cease to amaze me. 💛


Tartu, Estonia

Enjoying picnic on Dracula's thumb, running from security guys, living the most unhealty week in life, jumping through Estonian islands, creating plans to save the world, getting endless discussions of the life in other planets, - this is where you could get into while getting to know Andres. He is the smartest ass I know, proving that there is nothing we can't do in this world. ⭐

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