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This time it is about pirating the life stories of the strangers. 🐼 Full of adventures and memories, love and happiness, inspirations and discoveries. This time it is about Oslo. 🙏

Knocking on a door of a stranger

At the time I reached a land in Norway, I got a text message from the friend that he got stuck in Monaco. Meaning me and my partner in crime will be hosted by a stranger. Well, new people is always a good idea, even if it would be so much fun to see my mummies reaction knowing that I am going to spend Friday night in a place of an alien. 🌙Telling the truth, this is only a flower of all the adventures I actually had in my travels. 😇 Walking in the city center at midnight felt safe and sound, even if some guys were in the ‘let’s flirt with every girl’ mood. At the time we reached a place we supposed to have our sleepover, we realized that there are four entrances and twenty plus flats with the same address. 😅 Even more, instead of his friend’s phone number, my friend texted his own number. 👁The only tip we had was the list of surnames with people living in one or another flat. After two calls with no answer we decided to use facebook right (at least once in this lifetime)! We knew the name of the friend, so in the friends list we found all the people with that name. Luckily it was only four. And one of the surnames appeared on the places list as well. Such a pro at stalking! 😎On the most interesting part when we were almost knocking on the door, Monaco decided to call back and gave us the right phone number. We got into the sleepover place, where people were waiting for us with home made bread, fancy couches and stories to tell. And we definitely had an awesome pick up story for the night. 🔥

Museums, addictions and archived stories

I always liked history, so I don’t mind visiting museums, especially when I am in a foreign country.🌟 Oslo is full of stories and it has too many treasures to offer – starting with the secret life of Vikings in Viking Ship Museum to dedicated life for polar exploration in Fran museum; from details of war history and Dalai Lama story in Nobel Peace Center to the life of local Norwegians before the time we all became the same in Norwegian folk museum.

My favorite story of the ones I found out in these places was about the guy who decided to cross the Pacific Ocean, because on his side there was an idol and he was curious if there is an idol in another side of the Ocean as well (sounds so like me!). So, he made a boat, took some food, some friends and went to this adventure. Oh, why not! I liked this story so much, that I was ready to do something awesome as well – cross some waters, walk through my own country, hitchhike in Europe or other crazy ideas I want to keep for myself (still believe I will do it one day). Thanks God, my life hit me hard enough to realise that going on a sailor boat for a year is not the best idea ever 🤭

One more thing Oslo can offer for the explorers – sculptures. Actually, lots of them. Vigeland museum is the must see place for tourists. Gustav Vigeland was definitely addicted to his work, because the park fits more than 1600 sculptures inspired or made by this person. They all are about people – you can see how many forms mums and dads can have in this life. You probably had a chance to pretend being a pony for your little ones. If not – you will. No escape from that while being a parent.  

Even if the City Hall and the Royal Palace are not worth to visit, the Opera house offers a nice view from the rooftop. And if you are a fan of the art, don’t miss a chance to visit National Gallery. The Scream painted by Mr. Edvard Munch is there. I wish I could tell you more about the art, but my knowledge in this area is limited. One day…  


If I need to choose one place to visit at the time I am in Oslo again, I would choose Holmenkollen. No doubts. Because of the feeling it gave to me, because of the view my eyes had a chance to see, because of the idea it hides. With a dreamer of a Word Peace and the smiles of the world glow. And Oslofjord, of course.

Okey, but getting back to the idea that you will have more time in Oslo, sunsets in the boats are awesome as well! Absolutely love this way of exploring. It starts from the Akershus castle. Can’t miss it! Five amazingly small islands are just in the middle of Oslo, so you have a chance to visit all of them. Go pirating around – reach the land of an island and find out the stories of people living there. Some of them are living there all year long, some are living there for the fishing season, some of them come over when they want to have a break from a daily life. All of them has a light in their life – lighthouse. Always showing a way.


Master chef cooking skills at home with some semi traditional Norwegian food, dancing party out at one of the most popular places, where people stand in line for hours to get in and you just come on a right time to be the first, safari band opening concerts, lovely sofas and all the other treasures you get when you are surrounded with these amazing local people. Yap, we were waking up in the empty house on Monday morning, making breakfast for ourselves and leaving a key in a secret place afterwards. Mr. Opera guy and his wife were perfect hosts. Damn! Sometimes I feel so blessed with all that awesome people I know in this life.


Any special safe and sound tips? Well, flight tickets, Oslo city card and open heart. This society is based on trust. It’s your time to show you can be trusted.

  • Knock on a door of a stranger; ⚡
  • Eat home made bread with some brown cheese; 🥐
  • Check all the sculptures in the Vigeland park, which I bet is impossible!;
  • Stalk some strangers in their islands; 🤎
  • Get to know why the symbol of Oslo is a tiger (and tell me, cause I still have no idea);
  • Dance in a boat. In a bar. On the plain. On the way. Everywhere; 🍂
  • Make millions of memories.

Meet people.

That’s the only advice about travelling which is worth listening.


-U. 🌪

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