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You love it or you hate it, but definitely have to find out yourself. 💙 Some bohemian people decided to have their own rules in the middle of the city and live their own life. With green district area, little bars and eating places, where food is super cheap and things happen. With public bath, where naked people shower all together no matter what is your age or gender. Such a good example of the equality, right? 🤭Finding out the stories of people living there are amazingly interesting, but super uncomfortable at the same time. You might feel guilty that your life is easy compared with theirs. But it is not always the fault of circumstances, sometimes people just make their choices. What is the Danish government thinking about it? Local interventions of the police forces ended up with too many tragedies already. Even so, Christiania people can’t change overnight. And most probably, they don’t want to. 🙆‍♀️

Old town interests

Copenhagen has lots to offer for the viewpoint lovers. 🥰And those who are not afraid of height and climbing up and down the stairs with the small pathways. I absolutely adore that, so I made my friends to walk more than 50 kilometres around the city (no, I am not sorry for doing that😇) and yes, more than 200 stairs were involved in the story as well. Parliament tower, Church of Our Savior tower, Marble church tower, Round tower.… Impossible to miss. Just keep walking. And climbing, of course. 🌙

You definitely have to visit the famous H.C Anderson’s fairytale personage – the little mermaid. 🧜‍♀No, not because of the sculpture. The little Mermaid is worth visiting, because it is unbelievable to see how many Asian tourists are there, trying to take a photo with the monument. The truth is that their kids got to read lots of H. C. Andersons’ fairytales. Danish tourism sector with the help of the son of the Carlsberg’s forefather Carl Jacobsen did a good job making this sculpture, in the middle of nowhere, the symbol of the capital. Of course, the inspiration for the fairytales and the name of H. C. Anderson is all around in the city. The Princess and The Pea, Thumbelina, The Ugly Duckling… Have to admit, that I am old enough to remember all that fairytales as well. 💁‍♀️

Nevertheless, my favorite part of the city turns to be with little boats and colorful houses (you will see this addiction in further posts for sure). Nyhavn area, especially all Christmasy, is super cozy.

Danish people would say HYGGE. Hard to explain by words, but so easy to feel

Even if your heart is as cold as ice you would love it there for sure. And yes, touristic photos in this place is on the must have list.

Cold and rainy Denmark can bring sunshine from time to time, but rain also gives a moment to visit some museums.🤩 Design museum was full of chairs and somehow reminded IKEA, even if it is actually Swedish, but Contemporary art museum was worth visiting. Little kids were happy playing with lights and reading broken love stories. 💔 Some more things, which Copenhagen can offer for the travelers: Rosenberg Castle and its surroundings are too popular to be missed; Botanical gardens with millions of weird plants, Zoo with more than 3000 animals, even if I would go to Aarhus and play with reindeers in the garden instead, but it’s your choice, and Tivoli. That is the real fairytale place with amazing decorations and amusement park. Fun, no matter how old you are. ⭐


I am curious enough to try what other culture cuisines can offer. 🍴 Well, honestly saying, the best restaurant in the world is just in the Copenhagen city center. To get there you have to register to be in the list of people who wants to register. I am not kidding. 🤭So you can imagine why I skipped this lovely place (ok ok, 300 euros per person for a meal could be a reason for skipping it as well), but tried some other interesting stuff. First, Danish delights. Lots of bread thingies freshly cooked in the morning. Tasty! Danish people have this fetish of waffles and artificial Spanish churros. They taste horrible if you compare it with the real version, but huge amount of chocolate layer makes life full of love again. 😍 Moreover, one of the top things I want somebody to create in Lithuania is a street food market. In the paper island, in a former paper factory, different kitchens are offering a huge variety of street food. Take some friends, take some plates and share it all together. 🐾Just don’t bet that you can’t find soup in this place, because you will lose just like I did. And yes, pubbing in Denmark is popular enough. They end they work day pretty early, so beer is a good entertainment afterwards. Well, what else are you expecting knowing that Carlsberg was born here. Live alternative music concerts and chits chats with everybody – just the way I like it! 🌎

Get some friends, towels and go to the beach, which is actually created by Danish people as well. Lovely walk and picnic would be my suggestion, but if you have some weird semi local friends or a local friend, who lives in a beach, and they are crazy enough, they will be up for a Viking challenge! Short swim even in November. People are amazing human beings 🎨

Safe and Sound

Denmark is clean and safe and logistical part in this capital is super easy. When you get to the airport, it is easy to use metro connection to the city. City center area is walkable and you can use credit card almost everywhere, so no worries about changing currency. The biggest fear you can face here is… bike. 🚴‍♀Cross the streets carefully, bikers are fast and furious. And yes – bike traffic exists! Saw it with my own eyes. 🧐

Do-it List:
  • Reward yourself for every stair you climbed, there will be plenty of those;
  • Take a photo of people taking photo with the little mermaid; 📸
  • Buy the most expensive cheap wine bottle in the bar;
  • Catch a jellyfish, if you want to see that they are actually burning;
  • Eat Danish pastries and don’t get fat (Damn, Danish people, still don’t know how they do it); 🥐
  • Follow the roof tops and the towers, not the map;
  • Don’t get injured by a bike!

Meet people.

That’s the only advice about travelling which is worth listening.

Enjoy the city!

-U. 🔥

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