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Capital mode: Turning into the Snow Queen in Stockholm

Capital mode: Turning into the Snow Queen in Stockholm

Let’s cross the water

Sightseeing with waterproof public transport in Scandinavian countries is one of the easiest ways to get to know the place. Located in between 14 islands Stockholm offers a nice coast land view starting from the Kastellholmen island.❄ Sure, if you are used to taking a boat to work every single day it might be suspicious seeing some Lithuanian people enjoying their time in the ferry that much. 🎨 Otherwise, it is super comfortable – you can use the inside area if you are cold or feel the breeze upstairs.


It seems it is super easy to bribe my heart – colorful houses, narrow streets, some Christmas lights with hot wine around and I already fall in love with the city. I could share my list of must visit places, but it is no need for that in Stockholm. 🧞 You just follow the lakeside, where the heart of the city is hidden, and all the places will be on the way. Believe me, water will guide you. No matter if you are there in winter or summer time. 🍒

The main part of the old town is located in the island (what a surprise), called Riddarholmen. Only advice – check the Djurgården island as well. The view is breathtaking. Oh, and the thing I learned during my time there – everybody wears hats. 🎩 If it is in late autumn or winter time you will definitely need to do that too. I would consider this fact seriously, cause the tip comes from the person (me) who hates wearing one. 🤠


Ok, if you will ask me how many times I felt on my butt during this awesome ice age period in the city, I would smile saying that all that matters is how many times I got up with a femme fatal (not fat all, as one of the most my friends would say) face like nothing happened. 👠 But walking around was worth it.

All the silly ideas come to my head when we start talking about the ways to eat in different countries. This time – BBQ in winter! Why not, right? 🎀 Snow above the head. I know I am not so tall, but still counts! No wood thingies, no coal, no fire. Who cares! Let’s do it. Stealing coats and hats from my friend’s husband’s wardrobe, taking marinated meat and thermos of hot tea and we are heading outside for some super creative time 😇. I am so sorry for the foreigners living in Sweden, cause we definitely made an impression of freaky homeless Eastern Europeans, while using paper from the recycle bins, making a pile of wood thingies we found walking around the trees in the bucket we got from the commonly shared things in the basement. Oh, we laughed our hearts out.🤣

After one hour burning all the paper, we gave up on our hippie spirit and got home to cook dinner in the oven. Yes, back to real life, with hot cocoa and girlish movies in bed. 👧

Pretending to be local

From the local cuisine – it is worth to try some smoked shark meat, 🦈so you will be sure it tastes horrible. On the other hand, most of the herring is delicious. Well, they have lots of different thingies to spread on the bread, so feel free to try it. The only thing I can’t love about Swedish cuisine is anise gummy bears. Never ever. With the point in the end. My brother loves to bring me gummies from anise as a gift – he knows how much I hate it, so he can eat it all by himself. And I still love him. 🪐 Nevertheless, if you manage to come there in late spring-early autumn period, make sure to get some local ice cream! I think they had the bubble waffles with ice cream 🍦 even before they become popular around Europe!

Penthacostal Church

I am not gonna start the religion topic out here. But I had a chance to visit Penthacostal church community in Stockholm. Honestly saying, they are very strict about all the religious practices and things in life, so we all are sinners. But I am the curious sinner, so I am glad to had a chance to see the way they live. 💙


We arrived 5 minutes till the closing time of the gates. We ran from the bus stop through the whole airport. We had a plan B in our heads and at the moment it was too hard to run and you could hear us breathing from a mile, we saw the line of people in front of our gates. Flight was delayed and damn, I’ve never missed one. Not even this time. 😈 So keep in mind, that airport for cheaper airlines are at least one hour away from the city center and it takes time to get there. Or just use the one in the city, which has much easier connection to the main island. 🤗

DO-IT list:
  • Best impression of your true self, while doing BBQ in winter! Checked; 🎂
  • Leave your footprints on all the 14 islands; 👣
  • Taste everything (I will never understand people who are on diet while travelling around. No offense, if you are one of them though!); ☘

Meet people.

That’s the only advice about travelling which is worth listening.

Just take a friend and enjoy the city!

-U. ❄

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